Dengue Fever Outbreak in Punjab: Latest Updates, Prevention Measures, and Helpline Information

2 min readOct 7, 2023


Dangue Fever /Insriff

Dengue fever is spreading rapidly in Punjab, with 155 new cases reported on Monday, bringing the total for the year to 4,586 patients across 36 districts. It has raised concerns among healthcare professionals.

Lahore remains the hardest-hit area with 1,804 cases, followed closely by Rawalpindi with 1,236 points. Multan has 545 instances, Faisalabad 218, and Gujranwala 187. Just yesterday, Lahore reported 34 new cases, Rawalpindi had 60, Multan 13, Faisalabad 7, and Gujranwala 5. Additionally, Narowal, Dera Ghazi Khan, Chiniot, and Lodharan each reported one case.

Currently, 126 affected individuals are admitted to various hospitals in Punjab, with Lahore caring for 40 of them.

Ali Jaan Khan, the Punjab Health Secretary, stressed the importance of public cooperation, emphasizing the need to keep surroundings clean and dry. He believes controlling dengue’s rapid spread is only possible if every citizen takes responsibility.

The health department works tirelessly to contain the outbreak, treating the affected and focusing on preventive measures.

To assist Punjab residents, a toll-free helpline, 1033, has been established by the health department. This helpline provides information, treatment details, and a platform for lodging grievances related to the dengue outbreak.

With dengue cases on the rise, the province remains on high alert. Immediate preventive actions and public awareness are crucial in curtailing the virus’s spread.